Cambridge's Philosophy

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Quote: 'The easiest way to find a great company is to look at its earnings — since that provides the clearest view of how it operates and competes in the market.'

Investment Philosophy

Cambridge’s distinct investment process is driven by bottom-up, fundamental research with an emphasis on identifying companies that trade at a discount to their intrinsic value and a focus on risk mitigation.

Each pillar of our investment philosophy aims to deliver strong, long-term, risk-adjusted returns for clients and was conceived to help compound client wealth over the long term. Our investment philosophy dictates how the team operates, what we stand for and what gives us a strong competitive edge against global asset managers.
The three pillars of our investment management philosophy at Cambridge are:

Fundamental Approach

Value-creating Businesses

Ownership Mentality

In finding the appropriate companies to build clients’ long-term wealth, Cambridge seeks companies that have 1) management aligned to shareholders, 2) strong capital allocation, and 3) hold a competitive advantage within their industry. The team looks for attractive investment opportunities in all geographies, market cap sizes and across the capital structure.

The combination of deep fundamental research applied to a universe of value-creating businesses that ascribe to an ownership mentality is key to creating a portfolio that Cambridge believes can deliver positive returns for clients.